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Moving on project Portsmouth

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Thank you for choosing to work with us!
We stock secondhand items of furniture and household items that can help your clients set up a first home or those that are struggling financially to replace an item in their present home.

Easy Referral System
You complete the referral on your client’s behalf, submit it to us and we do the rest, or we can work with you the provider if that’s easier for your client.

For further information please contact either Sarah, Dani or Trevor(Admin Team) via email

Sarah: referrals@movingonprojectportmsouth.co.uk
Dani: enquiries@movingonprojectportsmouth.co.uk
Trevor: admin@movingonprojectportsmouth.co.uk

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Terms and Conditions
A referral voucher is only valid for 28 days from date of referral.
Clients are unable to choose items, although we will do our best to accommodate their needs.
Clients can only use one service provider for a referral.
Clients can only access our service once every six months.
Service providers must ensure the client is in actual need of the items.
All deliveries must be paid for 72 hours before day of delivery
We do not accept referrals for white goods.
Paid deliveries must be cancelled 48 hrs prior to date of arranged delivery, failure to do so will result in full payment being  forfeited by the client.
Mopp will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behaviour towards an of our volunteers, and this will result in the withdrawal of our service.
Mopp reserves the right to refuse any referral

Payments can be made by cash or card payment at our shop at 38 Albert Road Southsea PO5 2SJ or by bank transfer. Please note card payments will include a surcharge of 1.75%

All deliveries are carried out on Wednesday.
Clients must be arrange suitable help to get the items into the property as our volunteers are only able to deliver roadside due to Covid rules and regulations

Delivery Costs
PO1 – PO6 £30.00
PO6 – PO9 £45.00