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Moving on project Portsmouth

Please complete the agency agreement form below and this goes direct to MOPP

Thank you for choosing to work with us

We Stock second-hand items of furniture and household items that can help your clients set up a first home or those struggling financially to replace an item in their present home

We also offer welcome packs to those moving into a first-time accommodation. 

Easy referral system – You complete the referral form on your clients behalf submit to us and we do the rest

We are currently working towards starting our delivery service, we are currently searching for a new van and working through our delivery policy inline with new pandemic guidelines.
Our priorities are your and our delivery team health and safety
Tuesdays and Fridays are our designated delivery days from 10-30am till 1-30pm

Clients must be made aware that they must have adequate help to get the items into the property including upstairs if in a flat as our volunteers are only there to unload the items from our van.

If you would like further details regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us

Sarah: referrals@movingonprojectportmsouth.co.uk
Dani: enquiries@movingonprojectportsmouth.co.uk

Delivery Charges

Southsea to Cosham £25.00

Wymering / Drayton £30.00

Paulsgrove / Waterlooville / Wecock Farm £35.00 – £40.00

Leigh Park / West Leigh £35.00 – £40.00

If two trips are required, the cost of the delivery will be double the above

Terms and Conditions

Clients CAN NOT choose items; although we will dour best to accommodate their needs.

Clients must only use one service provider for their referral.

Clients can access the service once every 6 months.

Service providers must ensure the client requires the items!!!!

Once the items have left our premises and have been delivered they are no longer our responsibility

We cannot hold items due to a quick turnaround and to be fair on all users

Once furniture has left our premises and has been delivered and signed for by the client it is no longer our responsibility.

All our furniture is second hand but in a clean and usable condition

All deliveries must be paid for at least 48 hrs before delivery date, payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or card (Card payments add a surcharge of 1.6%)

All paid deliveries must be cancelled 48 hrs prior to arranged delivery, failure to do so will result in full payment being forfeited by the client

We DO Not supply large white goods

Mopp will not tolerate any abusive or threatening behaviour towards any of our volunteers, this will result in a withdrawal of our service.

Mopp reserve the right to refuse any referral.

How the Process Works

Clients come to you the Referring agencies

You complete the referring online form

Which is submitted to MOPP

Mopp team then contact the client to discuss the details and requirements of the referral

**Please Note we will try to call twice and send one text if we are unable to contact you we will assume you no longer need the referral**

Mopp will then arrange delivery of Furniture etc

** The referral is only valid for 28 Days from date of Issue from referring agency

Agency Agreement

I/We the undersigned hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out by Moving on Project Portsmouth.

All personal details held by Moving on Project Portsmouth will be kept strictly confidential inline with our Privacy and GDPR Policy and will not be shared with any third parties.

Please complete this form and forward to MOPP as your acceptance of their services